Is your home just too small for your growing family and you just don’t know where to start making the most of the available space? What about a big space that you just want to feel more cozy in? There are several ways to make the most out of the space in your home, regardless if it feels to big or too small; there are many ways to change the feel of your house without breaking the budget.

Painting and paneling can greatly change the appearance of your room to make it appear bigger or smaller, whichever way you desire. For example, if you are looking to ‘expand’ your room in the most cost efficient way, you can use light colors and smaller panels to add space. By using dark colors and larger panels, you can make your overly large room appear smaller.

If you are looking for a bigger project to create dimension within your home, there are many different ways to use ceiling remodel to change the feel of your room. Tray ceilings are a raised rectangular fixture that can be turned upside down or inverted. These can make a lower set ceiling appear higher, and a higher set ceiling appear lower. Panel ceilings can also be used to change the feel of a large room. Panel is directly applied to the lower side of the ceiling. This best helps to reduce sound travel as well as making a room warmer.

Lighting can greatly change any space at a minimal cost. If you are looking to change the feel of your room, lighting can help to do this in one of the most inexpensive ways. Without changing the size of the room, you can change the lighting to create the feel of a bigger space. Natural lighting is an ideal way to create a larger feel in a tight space. If you have windows or doors with natural lighting in the room, newly upgraded windows may be the best change for your tiny room. Even a new door can change the feel of the dark room, by replacing it with a door that allows more natural lighting to shine through.

Sometimes, natural lighting is not an option in an interior room. If this is the case in your home, changing lighting fixtures, or placement of lighting fixtures can help to add room in your space. By placing your fixtures as high as they will go can make your room appear larger. For example, set lighting(and lots of it) into your ceiling. This can create more depth to your room without having to add space in the room. You could reverse this if your room is too large. Move light fixtures lower, and make the space darker to create a cozier, smaller feel.

There are several budget friendly ways to complete home renovations to make your house feel like a home. Instead of adding on or taking space away(which can be a huge financial cost), you should attempt to create the space you enjoy by using one of these above listed options.