Sometimes, it is easy for a homeowner to think that a project may be doable by himself instead of hiring a contractor to come in and do the work for them. In most cases, if the project is small enough, this may be easy for a homeowner; in many cases, this can go very wrong and end up costing much more than anticipated. For example, if you are looking to paint a room by yourself, there isn’t much that can go wrong. But, if you are needing to retile, refinish or completely gut a room; you should make sure you can handle this before completing on your own.

In completing a new home renovation, whether an entire room, addition, or just adding some new charm to your home, you need to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a licensed contractor to do the job for you, or doing it yourself. For one, you COULD save money; if you have the experience to complete the project right the first time. If you do, this is a great skill to have and you should attempt it on your own if you are working within a very small budget. However, this could backfire if something goes wrong and you have to then hire someone to come in and redo it for you. This can become a very costly nightmare that wasn’t anticipated within your already small budget.

Most of the time, you can get free estimates from multiple companies that are bidding to get the job and make some money. Please, make sure that you aren’t just hiring the lowest bidder. This can also be a mistake you could end up regretting later on. Make sure to get references, work experience, and licensing information so you won’t have to hire another contractor to come and clean up after the first one. Again, this can be a very costly and unanticipated expense.


Second, hiring a contractor can be very much less time consuming. Do you work full time? Have children and schedules outside of the home? Most of the time, home improvement projects end up taking people longer to finish themselves because they simply don’t have the time they thought they would. A contractor can be in and out of your home, with the project renovations barely intercepting your daily routine. If you have small children or pets, this may also be less of a safety hazard for them, as well as your entire family.


Contractors are shooting for quality. A legitimate contractors wants to get into your home and give you what you want; this is how they get referrals for more jobs. So for a good contractor, quality is important in order to hopefully secure more jobs for you and your family and friends later on. Quality of their work is important to assure that they do not need to come back and replace or fix things that they missed later on- as this takes time and money off of their initial earnings.

So if you as a homeowner are in doubt about whether or not you should do it yourself or hire a contractor, your best bet is that you shouldn’t take the risk.