When building or refinishing your home, the kitchen is one of the biggest and highest selling points of the home. The kitchen is the room in which all of your meals are prepared, so it needs to be well functioning as well. Since you don’t place couches and ottomans within your kitchen, your kitchen cabinets can be known as a furniture for your kitchen space. Cabinets are also a main focus point for the design of your kitchen, and can increase the value of your home.


There are three types of cabinets to look at when refinishing your kitchen design- stock cabinets, semi custom cabinets, and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are usually built within a warehouse, assembly line style. They are built to specific, unmodifiable dimensions because they are built for ‘normal’ and average kitchen styles. This means that they may not match perfectly, as your products may have been produced at separate times, and they are not able to be changed to fit a different width, depth or length. There are only certain styles and finishes available. Stock cabinets are generally made out of particle board.  As for semi custom, they can be described in the title. You can make certain changes, such as dimensions(however many times you can only change 1” at a time, so they still may not be exact to your home), and there are often more styles and finishes available. However, every time you make a change while building your semi custom cabinets, there is a charge. If you need to add 1” in length, there’s a charge. Want to use a different finish? Charged again. This can often be more expensive than actually building from scratch. Semi custom, while sometimes built in USA, can also be made in different countries, meaning it may take longer to get your product as well.


Custom cabinets can be complete with any detail, color, style, finish and extra that you want. Essentially, this is your ‘dream’ cabinet. You are giving your designs to a craftsman, who takes much pride in his work. The sizing options are custom fit to your kitchen, so this is a great option if you have an unconventional or unusual floor plan. Every single area of space is taken advantage of, instead of having to use fillers in those spaces that stock and semi custom cabinets cannot be modified. The price of having custom cabinets built is also cost efficient to the consumer, becoming a great way to enhance your home and its value and staying on budget.


Custom cabinetry is built with plywood, and put together with the intention of being built to last. Your craftsmen will hand carve your cabinets, creating a piece of art for your home. In making your decision in updating your home, your craftsmen will take as much pride in his work as you do in your home, making you a great team.